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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

--- Harvey Pitt Digs Himself a Hole ---

Harvey Pitt has gone and dug himself a deeper hole. Stirring Python-like into action (nobody ever expects the Securities Commission!), he's on-air everywhere at once ... blaming the current sad state of affairs on his predecessors. Refusing to name Arthur Leavitt by name -- but leaving no margin for misinterpretation -- Pitt scourges his predecessor. The SEC was in terrible shape. The 90's were a decade of moral depravity. Clinton let things go to hell. Corruption was rampant. Democrats blocked accounting reforms.

What's wrong with this counterattack? As a minor point, much of it's not true. Clinton vetoed legislation that discouraged shareholder litigation (and suffered the indignity of a veto override). Leavitt, crusading for audit reforms, nearly had his head taken off by industry attack dogs like ... Harvey Pitt! GWB's most decisive campaign promise (in the fundraising arena, where the nomination was won) was his pledge to get SEC bureaucrats off the backs of corporate America, by giving the reins to somebody like ... Harvey Pitt! Fictive accounting accelerated through the closing years of the decade, but it appears [subject to detailed retrospective analysis] this trend shifted into high gear in December 2000, directly (even if coincidentally) on the heels of W's Florida overtime success.

As a major point, going partisan and sniping at scapegoats will piss some people off ... people whose support Pitt may need if he's to live long and prosper as SEC Chair. All the Democrats in Congress for one thing ... even those who really did cave in to AICPA pressure when Leavitt most needed their support. (Say, aren't they having Harvey for lunch up on the Hill next week?) Most of the SEC career staff for another. A fair share of Republican money managers who want answers, not whiny excuses. Otherwise unaligned admirers of Leavitt. Maybe even old friends who still want Pitt to keep the old implicit campaign promises.

In my opinion, Pitt is now earnestly efforting a personal and institutional transformation ... within the confines of his limited perspective. But much as he tries, he's late to the party, he's not right for the part, he's on the wrong track, he can't be taken seriously now even when he's right. Put him back on the other side of the table, and let him eat crow with the rest of the old boys.