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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Monday, July 22, 2002

--- Delamination Sighting! ---

Thanks to Brad DeLong for this excellent Business Week Online riff on business lobbyists flummoxed at CEO refusals to get with the program.
When Coca-Cola CEO Douglas Daft announced on July 14 that his company would count stock options as an expense, one disbelieving business lobbyist privately told BusinessWeek that this was a "freewheeling" CEO and that Daft was, well, certainly "not well briefed." ... When business lobbyists start arguing that CEOs are talking out of school, we are in a Lewis Carroll world.
Speaking of the program, listen for charges that legislation would "criminalize risktaking" (heard from several mouths within hours Friday), and the amusing assertion that markets are crashing because investors think Congress is going to Do Something.

"Delamination"? Among earlier pieces, see our July 8 take, Business Takes the Lead, Uneasily, and to their Eventual Regret: "Temporarily, in a parody of the principle-agent problem, the engines of business advocacy are straining at cross-purposes against the firms that pay their rent." Adhesion fails, layers separate, unimaginable abrupt "restructurings" become possible. (see also closing paragraphs of the longwinded piece below).