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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Monday, June 24, 2002

--- It's Always 'Martha, Martha, Martha'! ---

We tossed off a flip comment some time back re securitization of frippery futures as a sure sign of the end-times, but now it's perpetual silly season ... and when you're grilling a nice fillet of tycoon, you just can't use too much Silly Seasoning.

Take this, from Roll Call's Heard on the Hill.
... House Energy and Commerce Chairman Billy Tauzin (R-La.) ... was stunned by the fact that his office received a phone call last Wednesday from the producers of the show "Martha Stewart Living," saying they planned the following day to run a repeat of an episode the Congressman taped when he was hawking a Cajun cookbook two years ago.

... A cynic might wonder whether Stewart ... was trying to make it look like she’s graciously yukking it up with her chief inquisitor ... Stewart’s television program released an official statement insisting that it was all just a coincidence ... "It was a popular episode, and ‘Martha Stewart Living’ television periodically replays popular episodes."

During Tauzin’s probe of biotech firm ImClone’s former CEO Sam Waksal ... Stewart’s name appeared on one of Waksal’s phone logs. On Dec. 27, Stewart left a message for her friend Waksal (and this is HOH’s favorite part) while on a flight to San Jose Delcabo.

"Something is going on with ImClone and she wants to know what," a Waksal assistant wrote of the message from Stewart, who ended up selling $228,000 worth of the company’s stock Dec. 27, a day before the Food and Drug Administration announced the bad news about the drug.
Ms. Stewart was also seen on air in recent days fielding softballs from Larry King. It was all just a coincidence. It was a popular episode, and 'Larry King Live' periodically replays popular episodes.

NYT's Frank Rich connects the Martha-Merrill-Enron dots. Waksal and Stewart's culture-vulture broker, Peter Bacanovic, put clients in off-book Enron partnerships. ImClone and Enron BoD's shared a member -- M.D. Anderson Cancer Center honcho Dr. John Mendelsohn, even as MDACC took six-figure contributions from Enron, and Mendelsohn got out of the ImClone game $6M ahead. "It's a small world after all, it's a small, small world ..."

If you're among those wallowing in this windfall of schadenfreude, see also MarthStewartLivingInJail.

Still can't get enough? Picture Martha Inc. as the new doyenne of dungeon domesticity, "Martha StewRat". (Check here for indispensible household hints to the sophisticated ratskeeper.)