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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Saturday, June 29, 2002

--- Column of the Year: Profits Without Honour (FT) ---

John Kay's commentary in the weekend Financial Times slices neatly through the topmost layers of the Bad-AppleTorte we've been puking up with regularity here at Camp Enron. Start with the eye-opening "shareholder value has produced distortions reminiscent of Soviet planning". Kay neatly summarizes some of the "impossibility proofs" I've been harping on for years. Snippets below, but the full text is an easy read, and strongly recommended.
When Soviet production units ... fell seriously short of the plan, managers and their advisers responded by making the numbers up. It is a wry paradox that today's failures of capitalism so closely resemble yesterday's failures of socialism.

... the economy does not grow at 10 per cent a year. How could companies ... have continually increased profits more rapidly than the growth of their underlying business? ... the business sector as a whole could not.

... established companies should grow more slowly ... because new businesses are constantly taking share from them. There is always scope for improving efficiency ... but in a competitive economy the benefits ... go to consumers.

... companies achieved impossible earnings growth by cutting the fat ... these actions increased corporate earnings. We do not know what effect they have on the long-run strength of the business, nor ... do the companies themselves ...

Well established businesses ... take short-term profits at the expense of future growth. Newer companies ... have instead employed legitimate accounting wheezes. ... But these devices require rising stock markets. Acquisition accounting is a drug; you need increasing doses ... you need cash, not options, to pay the grocery bills. In this more hostile environment ... the only way to produce the numbers the markets required was to invent them.

The danger now ... companies would react to each disappointing earnings report with further cost cuts and job reductions ... slicing further into muscle and bone. ...
As I suggested above, this cuts only 3 or 4 layers into a maggot-ridden confection at least ten layers thick ... but it's a sharp cut with a clean knife, and not a bad start.