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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

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Welcome to Camp Enron

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Thursday, June 06, 2002

--- Andersen Case Goes to Jury ---

Jury began deliberations in DOJ's case of enterprise-level criminal obstruction of justice against Andersen, and any outcome is possible. (See the Chron.)

Early on, we mused that DOJ must have had an ace up its sleeve to bring this case this early ... and if they ever had it, we haven't seen it played. Maybe they expected any one of three key Andersen witnesses to plead and cooperate, rather than taking the 5th.

Andersen partner David Duncan, who already plead "guilty", lost his religion in mid-trial and seemed uncertain whether he was really guilty of anything. A lot of the supporting testimony couod be read either way -- prosecution witnesses coughing up nuggets for the defense, and vice versa.

For the defense, Rusty Hardin must have thought he had a losing case, since he adopted a deliberate "uproar" strategy -- creating chaos in the courtroom, deliberately needling the trial judge into losing composure, and banking on either
(a) creating a perception of judicial bias on the part of any two or more impressionable jurors, or

(b) provoking Judge Harmon into leaving a trail of reversible error.
It's an odd piece. If DOJ prevails, it doesn't stop here ... it's just the start of years of appeals. If DOJ loses, it doesn't stop here ... the substantive fraud cases still lie ahead, and those missing witnesses are marked for special attention. If it's a hung jury, it doesn't stop here. Hardin's good standing as a member of the bar ... maybe that stops here, who can say?

Again, it's a sideshow ... and inside the Big Top, the circus orchestra is just warming up.