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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

--- Enron Tax Chief Spills Guts to WaPo Reporter ---

Washington Post has a killer piece on Enron's use of one-shot tax gimmickry to generate a substantial fraction of reported profits. (30% in 2000, nearly $1B overall.)

Former general tax counsel Robert J. Hermann disclosed a series of creative tax schemes, most involving deals with offsheet and offshore entities.
... more and more of the company's reported profits came from one-time tax transactions ... The gap between what he and fellow managers thought they could reasonably deliver and the profit targets top executives demanded was known inside Enron as "the stretch." ...

"When the number got up to $300 million [last year] I said, 'Rick, this is going to have to stop,' " Hermann said. " 'We have to come up with a way to get this through earnings -- through regular business.' " ...

Lawyers for the company and its creditors are now left trying to sort out which assets Enron still owns and which may be claimed by outside participants in the tax transactions. ...

"We took advantage of what the rules are. If you know the rules you don't have to break the rules, you just use them. That's what lawyers and accountants do."
Well worth the long read ... extra grist for the reform mill ... and extra grit under the contact lenses of business-as-usual lobbyists.