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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

--- Voices of Endarkened Self-Interest Grow Restive ---

The blogmeister himself, InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds, claims the Enron scandal is dead:
BOB KUTTNER says that the Enron scandal isn't living up to his hopes. He's right, of course, that it's died.
Sorry, Glenn, are you sure you're not thinking of Nietzsche? Or maybe Mark Twain? The Enron scandal is livelier than I can keep up with, and it's unfolding very much on schedule.

Now if by "scandal" you mean "impeachment", no, it's not much of a scandal. If it means "setting the meta-context for a generation of penitent institutional change", count me in. No hedging here -- it's bigger than 9/11. No, it doesn't show in the polls. It probably never will, unless somebody tries to defend the indefensible a little too zealously. It is still doing it's zeitgeistly deeds.

Or if you mean InstaScandal, what's the precedent? Watergate took years to mature. Whitewater proper took 24 years to end with a whimper. Big white-collar cases, big organized crime cases can take forever. We're 3-5 months (by most counts) into the Enron Era.

As the big cases go, Enron's bigger than most. It's a fact-heavy case, with multi-pronged, multi-layered evildoing ... maybe 100 distinct schemes of fraud altogether, with small fish lining up around the block to get off the hook by turning state's evidence. If you recall, I'm looking for 2-3 years before the first round of the big cases come to court, 2012 or so before the tectonic effects on global politics and economics are in full swing. This little paper-shredding business is a tangent, a distraction, a premature ejaculation.

Glenn also highlights this piece by Robert "Man Without Qualities" Musil:
despite all that investigating and the supposedly “obvious” and “egregious” frauds not one individual at Enron or Andersen has even been indicted or agreed to plead guilty to accounting, securities or bank fraud. . . . Further, the terms of Mr. Duncan’s plea bargain hardly suggest that ... “obvious” and “egregious” fraud – or, for that matter, any fraud.
Again, the expectations are off-center. Long ago I raised the prospect of last resort, "sour grapes" obstruction charges in failed prosecutions ... but that applies when obstruction is charged after all the other doors have been tried. No such occurrence here.