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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

Many thanks to Tony Adragna and Will Vehrs, still shouting 'cross the Potomac at QuasiPundit. Early Camp Enron material can be found in QP's Dispatches department.
Saturday, April 06, 2002

--- Qwest for Lifelines ---

When you start testing for Enronitis, you discover Enronitis. Expect a few false positives, but some real serious cases will turn up.

Qwest is an emerging biggie. Dirty dark fiber swaps with both ENE and GX, astronomic goodwill writedowns, SEC inquiry, a neoteric business model that didn't pan out, a fast-money management that treated the legacy landline business with utter contempt, and a community of dependent widow-and-orphan shareholders left in the lurch while the dividend falls from $2.14 to $0.05, employee base hates 'em, customer base hates 'em, regulators hate 'em. Speaking of landlines ... Qwest has been operating under consent agreements in multiple states for years now, as a result of forgetting to provide basic services ... while a philosophically libertarian FCC aids and abets their stranglehold on local markets. [My main alternative is AT&T Broadband, with which I prefer to do as little business as possible for so long as we both shall live.]

Enron's would-be merger partner Dynergy is getting a hard look ... headlines to follow. Ditto Williams Communications and its energy-patch parent Williams. Adelphia. WorldCom. Ooops, almost forgot Global Crossing. A slew of firms outside the energy and telecom arenas are being scanned for toxic concentration of option exposure, growth-by-acquistion goodwill and earnings without visible means of support. No top-echelon takedowns yet, but 49 new SEC inquiries in progress and a long list of big names that do not check out as per-share value-accretive if you hold them up to the light, even assuming their financial statements are squeaky-clean on the technical level.