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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

--- Duncan Pleads to Obstruction Charge ---

David Duncan, lead dog on Andersen's Enron audit team, pleads "guilty" to federal charges of obstruction of justice, admitting he caused documents to be destroyed -- both personally and through intermediaries -- with intent to keep them out of the hands of investigators.

Sentencing is deferred; Duncan serves as a cooperating witness; DOJ goes after bigger fish.

Implications for Andersen? Consensus says it's a major setback, but ... their original strategy was to scapegoat and discard Duncan. That tack may be fair and just, and it still just might work IF the evidence fails to support a case that Andersen as an enterprise caused documents to be destroyed with similar intent.

I'll stick with my original analysis -- one or both sides know something they're not telling, or both sides are playing a stupid game of brinksmanship.

Oh, by the way, Lou Dobbs is still sounding off, this time on the WSJ editorial page, filling 20 column-inches without owning up to the facts. He asks rhetorically
Will this indictment policy be extended to other accounting firms, two of which worked on the Enron partnerships that led to its demise?
Lou, that depends on what the "indictment policy" is. Is it to blindly indict anyone who worked in the Enron empire? Or is it to indict anyone who destroyed evidence with the intent of obstructing a legitimate investigation? If either of the other firms put the shredder into high gear as soon as the Enron shorts hit the fan, they should worry.