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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Tuesday, April 02, 2002

--- DOJ Friendless ... on some networks, anyway ---

CNN's MoneyLine featured Lou Dobbs tossing softballs to yet another pro-Andersen voice... this time it's former SEC chairman David Ruder, asserting that DOJ has no proper interest in the matter, should withdraw the indictment, should play hands off Andersen and leave it entirely in SEC's capable hands.

But the SEC got rolled last time it tried to address the roots of the Enron/Andersen problem. And face it, GWB attained the nomination and thus the Presidency by out-fundraising everybody, he out-fundraised everybody by attacking different targets for different audiences, and his most reliable target for top-rank funders was the SEC and all that awful red tape. [Honorable mention to EPA.] And something like that will happen every other election cycle, more or less.

Over on CNBC's Capital Report it's a different story. Former SEC commissioner Laura Unger was asked whether DOJ should back off. She expressed sympathy for the families affected, but says throw the book at Andersen, send a message, instill a sense of responsibility -- and fear -- to forestall future disasters. I don't think you'll see her on air with Dobbs anytime soon ... if you do, I don't think she'll get many words in edgewise.

Caught in the middle is the anti-SEC faction's dream-Chairman Harvey Pitt, who used to represent Andersen (and all other Big's). Ruder sees no problem here. At least Pitt knows he has an appearance problem ... he formally recused himself (while informally letting everybody know he favors softer treatment for Andersen). Pitt doesn't know how big a problem he has ... and kid glove treatment won't do Andersen any good any way.