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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Thursday, April 04, 2002

--- Andersen, DOJ Explore Alternatives to Brinksmanship ---

WSJ on MSNBC (and others) report explorations of a less explosion conclusion to DOJ's criminal indictment of Andersen as a firm for obstruction of justice.

Speculation centers on a "Clinton Plea", where Andersen would akcnowledge the essential elements of wrongdoing without crossing the line into a technical confession of criminality, accepting the public disgrace and taking its punishment in the court of public opinion.

Camp Enron has noted the apparent rashness of Chertoff's indictment (unless he's holding cards we don't know about), and questioned the consequential value of even a successful prosecution. At the same time, we've been harshly critical of Andersen's specious defenses and untouchable attitude. [here, in part here, and especially here] And we've blistered one talking head whose one-sided on-air advocacy actively muddied the waters. [here, here and here]

What's on the table seems to be this: Andersen gets a second chance to pass the "attitude test". This may or may not work out, for a number of reasons, but Chertoff can afford to back off, and Andersen has nothing to lose by crying "Uncle".

Incidentally, this looks like a win for Volcker's damage control ("get the bad news out early") over the legal department ("anything you say can be used against you").

In any case, look for the following sequels:
  1. Andersen will die anyway, and

  2. Andersen -- as a firm -- will eventually face a devastating series of sweeping foundational criminal charges.
Our friend Mr. Dobbs, BTW, was raked over lukewarm coals yesterday in both the NYT and WSJ, but both pulled their punches. Articles focused on evident bias and possible conflicts of interest (speaking fees, Andersen's exclusive sponsorship of his defunct "Business Unusual" series), but ignored his repeated categorical falsehoods.

Dobbs, for his part, interviewed a pro-Andersen stooge again on yesterday's show ... an Andersen client who chose to retain them as auditors. Like the saying goes, "Man bites dog, that IS news".