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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

--- Enron Leans on UBS Warburg to Save Emperor's Fashion Cred ---

UBS Warburg has provided Henry Waxman with smoking e-mails in the Chung Wu firing incident:
UBS PaineWebber broker Chung Wu was dismissed for violating company policy by e-mailing 73 clients shortly after midnight last Aug. 21, telling them that he felt Enron was in financial trouble ... Enron ... contacted PaineWebber on Aug. 21, 2001, to bring Mr. Wu's e-mail to the Firm's attention," ... By the end of the day, Wu was fired. ...The firm kept its "strong buy" rating on Enron until Nov. 28, four days before the energy trader's bankruptcy filing. ... new policy was instituted in Houston stating that "financial advisors should, rather than give their personal opinion, refer their clients to any relevant [company] analyst's report."
"So sue me", right? Of course right. Suit claims UBS PaineWebber misled investors:
The lawsuit ... on behalf of PaineWebber clients who invested in Enron, says the firm failed to adequately warn them of Enron's worsening financial condition last fall because it did not want to jeopardize its relationship providing services to Enron employees and executives.
OK ... smoking gun? Check. Bullet hole in wall? Check. Body on floor? Check. Still doesn't prove that bullet from that gun induced the demise of that body ... but my money's on Mr. Wu and friends for a nice settlement, and maybe a book deal.

Incidentally, UBS Warburg Paine Webber's Houston office handled Ken Lay's personal brokerage account. UBS Warburg acquired the EnronOnline trading operation out of bankruptcy, amid many claims of conflicts and preferences ... we haven't heard the last of that one, either.