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... gateway to the next Progressive Era?

For a brief orientation, see this
Welcome to Camp Enron

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Friday, January 11, 2002

--- Breaking Ground for Camp Enron ---

[ Camp Enron Historical Marker: This 2002-01-11 "Short Takes" piece from The Fray (here with minor edits and updates) alludes to Enron's "Culture of Minimal Disclosure", and lays down my marker on the Enron affair as "a major historical turning point" ]

For future reference, remember this phrase ... "a Culture of Minimal Disclosure".

Bad day in the "Don't Go There" department --

DGT(1): T-AQ "detainees" to be treated as "Unlawful Combatants", not POW's. Procedural consequences? "We're still working on that." Premise: "You're not a real army, those aren't real uniforms, Taliban's not a real government." Not the kind of loophole you want ripped open going into a dicey century like this.

DGT(2): Recess appointment of terrorist Otto Reich to State Dept. O.R. was losing GOP support, wouldn't have passed confirmation anyway. An expensive push.

DGT(3): Recess appointment of Scalia's kid to Labor Dept. (where he'll enforce laws he viscerally opposes). A contingent interest that would've meant Scalia's recusal in any ordinary case.

Speaking of declarations of war, things hotting up again between Pakistan and India.

"Taps" today for Nate Chapman. That's Sgt. First Class Nathan Chapman, 1st Special Forces Group, Ft. Lewis, WA. Mom & Dad a military family, proud as heck, "no regrets". Tougher on the widow Renae. Two kids, too young to understand.

From what I hear, Chapman died of leg wounds, so he bled to death ... a good way to go. Get to see your life pass before your eyes, no miscellaneous fluids gurgling out, you still look good at the funeral.

Saw one of the KC-130 widows on air earlier, proud of her guy. Don't know how anyone anywhere ever handles it with so much composure. Death by fireball, not such a good way to go.

Enron, pro & con, getting ahead of the game. The "Scandal-Industrial Complex" (per CNN's Jonathan Karl). Conventional wisdom says it's just more Hatfields and McCoys. I predict it becomes a major historical turning point. [UPDATE: "SIC" coinage, far as I can tell, belongs to Robert Dreyfuss, "Collateral Damage: The Personal Costs of Starr's Investigation" (C) 1997]

As with Argentina, cabinet officials snubbed Enron's pleas. The conservative principle of "laissez la chute de pommes frites ou ils pourraient" steers clear of "moral hazard" but invites catastrophe. The instinctive wrong-headed response, even if it does save a few skins ... trouble brewing, at least give it a look! Bush & Associates, LLC would've casually watched as Mexico -- and LTCM -- went belly up and markets went to hell.

Al Qaeda comes to Git'mo. They'll be greeted by, among other novel experiences, American women ... women equipped unimaginable attitudes and unimaginable firepower. Will our gal Sadmira, USMC be there to 'splain 'em how it's gonna be? Who can say? (Sadmira? Bosnian Muslim freedom-fighter, war widow, single mom, Frayster, turned US Marine in response to 9/11.)

And remember to remember this phrase ... "a Culture of Minimal Disclosure".
-- RonK, Seattle
P.S.: Parthenogenetic Sharks in Nebraska! Sorry for the oversight -- RonK